"Hole in head" illusion; Ernie Kovacs appears to be looking through Barbara Loden's head.

The illusion was performed by placing a black patch on Loden's head and standing her against a black background while one studio camera was trained on her. A second one photographed Kovacs, who used the studio monitor to position himself exactly so that his eye would appear to be looking through a hole in her head.

Photographer:Ralph Morse

The majority of Kovacs' comedy and humor was of a visual nature and was technically based. Any studio audiences did not receive the full effect of what Kovacs was trying to express unless they watched the studio monitors for the final result. From the viewers' standpoint, one was able to see the results of that work, but unable to see how Kovacs accomplished it. Kovacs pioneered many visual effects which have been used in television for many years afterward. The means of achieving them is now more sophisicated than when Kovacs was discovering them and how to make them work for him. The photo allows one to look back in time in a sense, to see how Kovacs was able to accomplish this in the 1950s and 1960s.